Jewelry Care

Each piece of handcrafted jewelry is made from either sterling silver, argentium silver, fine silver, copper and/or jeweler's brass. Each jewelry design is meant to last a lifetime, but care should be taken to prevent damage and tarnish of your jewelry. 

  • Avoid wearing your precious jewels to the gym, around any heavy equipment, or during any strenuous activity. Metal will bend and stones will crack, so please be mindful of your activities while wearing your jewelry.

  • Swimming with your jewelry on is a no-no. Chlorine in pools can and will wreak havoc on your precious jewels, whether it's the stone or the metal. Harsh chemicals can react with porous stones such as turquoise and can lead to discoloration and even brittleness. While we are on the subject of water, I wouldn’t recommend wearing any of your jewelry in the shower, as there are harsh chemicals in our water systems as well.

  • Beware of wearing body oils, lotions, moisturizers, or perfume in the area of your jewelry placement as a reaction can occur between your skin and the metal, causing a temporary discoloration of your skin.

  • Pieces should be stored in individual, airtight bags to prevent oxidation. I provide a cleaning/polishing cloth with each purchase. Store your jewelry piece correctly when your jewelry is not being worn.